About the Author:

Part Polish part Native American, born and raised on the tiny traditional islands of Southeastern United States’ Lowcountry; the origin where life flowed straight from the saltwater rivers into my veins. At eighteen years of age, I ventured off to Australia and studied Environmental Science/ Zoology at James Cook University of Cairns.  Down under I worked as a zookeeper at the Cairns Wildlife Safari Reserve, a time in my life when twenty-six Lions, two Cheetah, and one Tiger were my world. Since then, I have helped train Chimpanzees in New Zealand, assisted in building a Primate Rescue Center in Peru for exploited wild animals, developed Wildlife Photographs for advertising campaigns, modeled in NYC, filmed, produced and co- hosted outdoor tv programming in New Orleans, worked documentary fashion t.v and photo shoot sets in Los Angeles, field reported and photographed for a Thai Elephant Hospital, and have now made my way into the Indonesian Island of Sumatera in search of the wild Sumateran Tiger, in a Primary Indonesian Jungle.  I have a complicated heart and a whole heap of instincts, cravings, love, and faith that fuel my life.  It’s the perfect combo for my unforgettable true stories. 

Contact:  Michael Wysocki

wysockiplanet@gmail.com. 305.340.9701

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