Brother Earth Bio

biophoto My name is Michael Wysocki, born and raised in the simple life of a small town in coastal South Carolina. In the Lowcountry is where I learned my love for nature, true southern hospitality, and the happiness that comes from being humble, all of which I bring with me on my journeys. Unexposed to the beauty of diversity as a kid, I am living proof that one can learn to fit the whole world inside ones heart.

When I turned eighteen, I ventured off to Australia and studied Environmental Studies at James Cook University of Cairns, and worked as a zookeeper at the Cairns Wildlife Safari Reserve… a time in my life when twenty-six Lions, two Cheetah, and one Tiger were my world. It is here where I discovered my photographic eye. My playfulness with the camera and exceptional interaction and understanding with the animals ended up producing photographs displayed on billboards and busses all over Australia. My heart expanded.

I was now ready to make more of a difference, naturally. I left Australia with nothing but my given gifts inside me, and searched for my signs. They led me to the jungles of Peru, where I helped build a wildlife sanctuary for exploited birds and primates, then back to the U.S to produce and shoot outdoor t.v, model in NYC, and overseas again to Thailand. My Thai expedition was to report, photograph, and write on grounds to help raise money and promote a feature film of an Elephant Hospital in the midst of uneasy Elephant politics. It was here where I discovered my ability and love to write and blog, with a purpose.

When I returned to the U.S, the marketing in America as I knew it had changed. I had travelled into our new world of social media, and quickly adapted. Living and learning in California at the time, I became a contributor to The Los Angeles Times Newspaper Travel section, while creating ways to share my overseas work. Soon, I was on the road again driving back to the east coast representing Hilton Hotels as their Social Media Content Creator. My job as the host and content creator of the campaign was to detour to multiple cities along my way to stay at Hilton hotels and interact, photograph, and write about the amenities and what I discover at each location, and in each city.

I landed in Miami, as meant to be. This international city provides us with a rare combination- access to a wealth of cultural colors, tropical beach life with the opportunity of a big city, and amongst hundreds of miles of natural bounty. It is a place where South America and North America join together, not only humans but for many plant and animal species as well. Miami is my perfect paradise as a Natural Travel Writer/ Photographer and Social Media Content Creator, and I am here to grow with the shiny city on top of turquoise.


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