I’ve been told America is a BIG chunk of diverse land, but soon I will know its truth for myself . I can map out the familiar coastal South Carolina in my head. Every wetland, island, lagoon, and beach has a childhood memory thats mine forever. I spent my early 20’s in Queensland, Australia studying as a scientist for the region and working as a keeper for the zoo.  During my adult years I have lived and worked as a Photo Shoot Producer/ Model/ and Travel Writer and Photographer in New York City and Los Angeles, learning as much as possible the streets of these two monster cities. But, as I make another move from LA back to NYC, this time on the road, I realize now how unfamiliar to me everything is in-between. It’s a wonderful opportunity for my favorite part of life, to connect with others along this journey through Americas heartland. In my car, I may be alone, but I sure won’t feel alone on this trip.

Some years back and I would be that guy who could pull over at night with a tall can, gaze at the stars and sleep in my car. Well as nature intends, I’ve grown and changed along with many in my generation. As a 30 year old man now, I have begun to crave the comfortable life that I work hard for. An independent level of respect has appeared recently, and I want to bring it along with me on my cross country journey, and my move back to the east coast. An adventurer still for sure, and living a lively life, I am learning the importance of balance, especially on the road. When we are home and working, the world has its way of scheduling our days, keeping us balanced. But, when we are on the road either for business, the business of life ( as this is for me, making a change ) or simple leisure, I personally like to re-energize and take care of myself during these discovery times. My life is now, and everyday counts. Even if all I do one day is rest.

The Hilton Garden Inn has gifted me the invaluable ways of life that I now treasure, and made them possible even on the road. HGI lets me hold on to earthly amenities that will keep me healthy and happy on my journey, and this important milestone in my life. I want to especially thank the Hilton Garden Inn staff across this country for being my new friends, my providers, and my guidance. Follow me, so I may show you how to Discover, Connect, and Breathe in deeply this spectacular country, with the perfect balance created by The Hilton Garden Inn family. My adventures, extreme and chill, will take place in New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. I wonder now which cities I will chose. My options are anything but limited when I rely on Hilton Garden Inn.






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