How I just woke up at 6 am I have no idea, but I’m awake, still a little buzzed I think, and in desperate need of coffee and water! I shoved all my stuff, except my book- ugh, into all nine mini bags I think I’m up to these days, and walked out into the street. I chill and wait for the bus totally entertained as the hookers and their suckers stumble along, carrying their stilettos and practically him. The uglier ones, naturally not chosen, made passes at me as they walked by hoping to get lucky, I would say before the sunrises but it already has. I always smile back, but it causes some confusion with many here in Thailand. A smile from me does not mean I want to sleep with you.


I say Sewadeekrab and a little prayer inside me for their safety and drop my body and bags on a bus and a boat, again. I kick off my shoe to relieve my blister,  I ‘m guessing from dancing all night in my NYC boots with no socks. What a perfect day to go to a tiny island, no shoes for days! I smile at myself as we drive away.


Emotionally exhausted from literally everything in my life, and physically burnt out from bouncing around Southeast Asia on bargain busses and daring guesthouses. I sleep for days, swim, write, and bake under the sizzling sun on the perfectly picturesque Adamman Coast.



After a few days rest, my brain and my heart begin to touch again, and I wake up feeling playful, and actually a bit normal. Still only wearing my trunks, I grab 800 Baht/ 20$. 400 I use to gladly make a morning stop to pay for my hut one more night, along with a good belly scratch to the community pup, and 400 to play with on a little morning adventure. Moving on, the bushes open up and reveal the open beach, and I make a run for the surf.  Feeling like kickin it into high gear, I chase the constant rolling sea splashes. I lose my momentum when I become parallel to the trash deposit washed ashore from either the night ravers or from the mainland lazy’s. My mind will never let me continue until I pick up any plastic I see on a beach, I have accepted that. I’m reminded of my beach runs in Los Angeles, full of detours. Even so, my run, my stretch, and the butterfly stroke in the bay was blissful. I hardly never use that word.

Mango smoothie and a massage on the beach for 400 baht/ 10 $? Sold! Actually It was 500, but as the ladies inspect me up and down and talk amongst themselves I found myself in a perfect barter situation, as I do understand what they are saying. I honestly haven’t been a massage lush like all visitors to Thailand, but it is appealing to me. Everywhere, even in the streets or nightclubs, Thai people are cracking each other’s backs and rubbing each other. Back at the Elephant Hospital, we would walk on each others’ backs through out the day.  I think its brilliant for human’s as it’s good for our bodies and yes, our souls, as it strengthens our bonds. Maybe it’s sourced by our animal instincts. My own body is a force, and very demanding of attention. I feel like taking care of it more now then ever before.

I wake up from my massage trance to a beautifully cloudy, dark, and windy day. Ideas backtrack me to my hut to pack a bag of my computer, water, a pineapple, and walk down the beach to the very end, away from the tourists and into local fisherman territory. I find a solo colorful chair underneath the palms and amongst the beached boats and sit, surrounded by thunderheads, and write this. I do have the occasional swim and chat with a local or a curious kid. My computer attracts kids, and I like sharing Elephant pictures with them, and I get to stare at their smiles. This is one of my favorite days here in Thailand.


During my sunset swim I hear the laughter of Thai fisherman on the shore, it sounds like beer and whiskey time to me. I swim in and make my way into their circle, cracking the ice with a stiff homemade whisky shot offered to me, and gratefully accepted, from me.  After a while we make our way to the BBQ pit in the sand, throw a few whole fish over the fire and pick at them for hours. Alloy! (delicious) We tell stories with an obnoxious amount of hand gestures to help with the language barrier, laugh, sing, and be thankful for our feast and friends. Truly Cheezy, are you jealous? Soon the electronic music and lights from down the beach win over my attention, and I leave my new friends for now in search of a younger and sexier friend down the beach. I spend the rest of my night, and my days on Phi Phi Island, dancing in the ocean with fellow free spirits.



Michael Wysocki

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